At long last, science and western allopathic medicine are validating what shamans have known for millennia. Long before history and the written word, music and healing have been inseparable in the practices of shamanic healing and of mantra as a musical prayer for healing.

Contemporary holistic healers, spiritual healers, Reiki masters, shamanic healers, practitioners who work with crystal healing and chakra healing, and with the myriad other aspects of the alternative medicine healing arts: all are increasingly aware that with the introduction of the healing energy of sound, energy healing is catalyzed to potentate their healing abilities and the miraculous touch of their healing hands.

Sound healing is increasingly embraced as the oldest, most gentle and most profound method of healing there is.  Come explore all the possibilities with us.

  • Induces the rare state of Theta brain wave activity
  • Oldest, most gentle and profound method of healing
  • Learn to meditate more easily, reduce any stress and anxiety


Many souls have discovered that singing bowls are amazing tools, assisting and accelerating transformation, meditation and healing arts. Come and meet the new gem- and mineral-infused Alchemy singing bowls, and find the bowl which can expand and purify your home frequency; your perfect energy prescription; your ideal match in singing bowl form: your BOWLMATE.

Connect with Rasamayi for a private session or attend a workshop. Learn to ground high frequencies, expanding with ever-increasing grace, joy and ease from Your limited self into the embodiment of the limitless divine being You already are. Discover what hasn’t been taught about the universal spiritual laws of love, karma and creation: shift Your frequency, perception and experience, activate the awakening frequency, and enjoy a life overflowing with wisdom, love, joy and inner peace regardless of what is occurring on the material plane.

Rasamayi is an internationally acclaimed and award-winning sound healing musician, who has taught frequency shifting principles in metaphysical venues nationwide. She is a twice published author debuting her first solo publication, “Attuning to Oneness: 40 Days to Activate the Oneness Frequency.”


While nothing can replace the profound effects of a live experience with a healing practitioner, you can more fully retain and entrain the healing frequencies with these downloads, meditation CDs, mantra CDs and healing CDs. And now, you can access that catalyst for emotional healing, soul healing and mental healing at any time.

Learn to meditate more easily, reduce any stress and anxiety, and unleash your innate ability for physical healing. A variety of resources makes your experience easier, more enjoyable and more exciting as you travel down the path of healing and spiritual awakening.

We offer a variety of resources and audio healing products featuring uplifting melodic and/or Theta brainwave activity-inducing harmonic overtones of healing instruments, including:

  • Alchemy Crystal Singing Bowls
  • Didgeridoo Sounds
  • Keyboards
  • Tibetan Singing Bowls
  • Gongs
  • Tuning Forks
  • Shamanic Percussion



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