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Find the best in Sound Healing CDs from internationally renowned sound healers Paradiso and Rasamayi of the 5th Element Music label. Each of these CDs will take your mind and body on a journey of Sound Healing through a perfect blend of Didgeridoo and Crystal Bowl Alchemy sounds. Enjoy!

Toolkit Thumbdrive

Receive the FULL frequency of Paradiso & Rasamayi’s 3-in-a-row Best Album of the Year award winners (Celestial Resonance, Attuning to Oneness and 3rd Eye Rising) and Paradiso’s 4 previous titles (Himalayan Chakra Healing, Middle Path, Shaman’s Trance and Healing Vibes), and enjoy greater benefit than can be received from songs downloaded from the internet for less than than they would cost on iTunes! This thumbdrive is of the highest quality memory to deliver the highest quality sound for a very long time… PLUS a bonus two music videos!


Healing Vibes - Paradiso

Healing Vibes is therapy for body, mind and spirit. Close your eyes, relax and feel the vibration of the didgeridoo. This album was recorded in “feels real” 3-dimensional sound, which was designed to simulate human hearing, capturing depth, height, and width, as well as directional sound movement. No special equipment is needed to get 3-D sound from traditional stereo speakers. Most experience alpha brain wave activity in under two minutes with this CD and may experience a series of dreamlike images. The Aboriginal Australians call this state “Dreamtime,” which offers profound opportunities for healing and renewal. We recommend headphones for best results! It will feel as though you are receiving a personal didgeridoo sound healing session. This CD is perfect for meditation and self-healing work on the physical and emotional levels. Stay tuned for more 3-D recordings from 5th Element Music!  



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